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Munster Junior Mens Matchplay - Preview

Article Added: 2012/05/11

The Junior Championship begins with the match of Charles O’Sullivan (St Annes) against Aidan O’Sullivan (Tralee). This is going to be an fairly evenly contested match one would suggest but I have sneaky suspicion that Charlie will pull through by the skin of his teeth. His steely determination may just well prove beneficial in this enthralling tie.

Aidan O’Keefe (Deerpark) sees him pitted against the methodical Mark Cahill (Lakeside) and would be expected that Cahill will prevail in this tie. His recent form saw him the Junior Scratch Cup at Lakeside recently and he plays Tipp Hills very well, he is a serious contender for this Championship. Aidan, I feel has drawn the short straw with this match and whilst he will give his all, I can’t see him beating Cahill.

The bright and breezy Eddie Tuohy (Tipp Hills) unfortunately for the locals has drawn his club mate Michael Murphy (Tipp Hills). Such a pity the lads had to meet so early on but this will be a cracking match. Murphy is a tough campaigner and he will be ready for the Tuohy battle royal but I can Eddie prevailing, if only just.

Kevin Purcell (Ashgrove) finds himself playing Jason Fitzgerald (Hillview). This match will be an interesting encounter and I expect Fitzgerald to pull through as he has enjoyed a fine start to the season. This will set up and all Tipperary Semi Final if he pulls through but Purcell will be a tough opponent and I expect this to be a fine game.

John Charles (Cunnigar) plays the enigmatic Dylan Loughnane (Lakeside). I fully expect my clubmate to do great things in this Championship. He is a young player who demands a lot from himself, this could be his Achilles heel but I expect him to advance against John in this game, Dylan’s current form would suggest he is one of the players to beat in this years Championship.

Kerry PRO Jason O’Connor (Deepark) is next up for battle when he takes on Pat Sheehan (St Annes). I think O’Connor could very well advance here but he will have to play to his best if he is to shake off the challenge of Sheehan. Again this game will be tight, both players have enjoyed good seasons so far and one would suggest that the winner of this game could go far.

Dan O’Connor (Bruff) and Colin Scott (Fermoy) could be described as the Master v The Apprentice. O’Connor is a very tough campaigner and will be eager to do well against young Scott. In saying that though youthful exuberance could well the catalyst for Scott to win this match. I think this will be a tight affair but I see Scott advancing against my good friend Dan.

Martin O’Sullivan (St Annes) finds himself up against Dean Moroney (Cunnigar) in the final match of the Junior Grade and this game will be very interesting. O’Sullivan, my contacts have expressed their views that he is playing very well at the moment so on that advice I will slightly favour him to advance against Moroney. In saying that though Moroney is a good solid player and if he manages to get ahead in the game, he might pull off a shock but O’Sullivan to advance for me.

People might think I am favouring the Tipp lads here when I suggest that 3 of them will make the Semi Finals but on form I think they are well worth this punt. Mark Cahill recently won the Lakeside Junior Scratch Cup, Loughnane won the 36 Junior at the windswept Larkspur Masters and local knowledge for Tuohy could well be a deciding factor.

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